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We love our Catahoula's Leopard Dogs!! There is no other dog in the world thatis like a Catahoula, they have an endless amount of energy, they are tirelessand I think they can read your mind. Catahoula's know what your going to do before youdo it. At OakHill Catahoulas, we strive for Quality working and Show dogs.We train our dogs on large animals horses, pigs. We use our dogsto train and exercise our 4H and FFA show pigs. The last show we got Two second place's on our show pigs.All of our dogs get to exercise everyday, and hunt as much as we can.They do make great pets, and are great with kids.We also use them as our Door Bell and security system.The Catahoula is a medium-large dog. Typically, femalesare 20"-24" tall and males are 22"-26" tall at the withers. Weight generallyranges from 50 to 95 lbs. The Catahoula has a very short, smooth coat whichcomes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Common Catahoula colorsinclude blue leopard, red leopard, patchwork, black, red, yellow, and brindle.Various amounts of tan, brindle, and/or white trim may also be present.The eyes may be any color or combination of colors. The Catahoula is highlyintelligent and very energetic. They need a lot of mental and physicalstimulation in order to be happy. Catahoulas generally do not fare wellin an urban setting. Catahoulas make excellent working dogs, excellingin herding, hunting, protection, and police work. They tend to be protectiveand territorial, guarding their home and family. For this reason, Catahoulasmake excellent watch dogs. As a general rule, Catahoulas are not well-suitedto novice owners. Experience with Catahoulas or other large and/or assertivebreeds is a plus for prospective Catahoula owners.

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